Mark Raisch

Mark's Music

From Out of Nowhere

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  Song List
  Come Fly with Me
  Little Girl
  No Moon at All
  A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square
  All I Do is Dream of You
  Why Try to Change Me Now
"Mark's enthusiasm and love for old pop standards is evident in his performance."
— Bud Buschardt, Program Director, ABC Radio Network
"This guy Mark Raisch is just terrific, not only is he handsome but you've got to hear him sing. WOW he's got one heck of a voice! Just Fantastic!"
— Dick Robinson, American Standards by the Sea Radio Network
"You're a wonderful young singer and you're always welcomed back to sing on our program."
— Jim Lowe, Nationally Syndicated Radio

Totally Suave

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  Song List
  Don't Leave Me Now
  Half As Lovely
  Carry on Karianne
  She's Funny That Way
  Change Partners
  Let's Face the Music and Dance
  Don't Blame Me
  Kick in the Head
  I'm Beginning to See the Light
"You'd better have plenty of confidence if you're going to title your CD "Totally Suave", which is exactly what Mark Raisch did. In this case, the CD lives up to it's name. In a totally suave voice, Raisch offers an eclectic group of songs from the 1930's through the 1990's."
— Laurie Lawson, Electronic Link Journey
"You have a voice like an angel and I love your arrangements."
— Singer Margaret Whiting